Bulletin's order fulfillment process includes a series of steps that each individual order goes through to record the correct item quantities, shipping information, and order completion. Here's a breakdown of what each order status means and what you can do when they're in that status:


  • Pending - The order has been placed by the retailer and the brand is notified of the order via email. The Brand has 7 days to accept or decline this order.
  • Expired - The order was notified to the Brand but was not accepted or declined within 7 days. All orders not accepted or declined within 7 days automatically become Expired. Any credits placed with this order will be returned.
  • Declined - The Brand is unable to fulfill this order. 
  • Approved - The Brand has accepted this order and is currently fulfilling the order.
  • Fulfillment in Progress - The Brand has created a packing slip for this order and is ready to ship.
  • Shipped - The order has been shipped and should be on the way to the Retailer. The order invoice will be generated as well as payout/charge dates.


We also have two statuses in regards to orders that are specifically displayed when a Retailer is still undergoing our Retailer verification process:


  • Hold - The retailer has placed the order but has not been fully verified yet. The order will come off of hold once the retailer's account has been fully vetted and verified. The Brand will not receive a notification for a hold order.
  • Void - The retailer's account was unable to be verified. The order is voided/canceled and the Brand is not notified of the order.
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