Adding Address Information

There are two ways to add address information for your orders at Bulletin: 

  1. During the Checkout process
  2. On your Bulletin Dashboard prior to placing an order


To add a new address during the checkout process:

  1. After adding all your items to your cart, click on your cart in the upper right-hand corner and hit 'Checkout' at the bottom
  2. Proceed to the next window where it shows you your cart and hit 'Checkout' again (to the right)
  3. The next page is the addresses page, this is where you will select a previous address, add a new address, and/or change your billing address:Screen_Shot_2022-03-16_at_6.16.57_PM.png
  4. To add a new address, click on the drop-down arrow and hit 'New Address'
  5. From there, fill out all your address information line by line. Your address can be auto-filled; be sure to check it over and delete any unnecessary information before saving the new address and continuing your order
  6. You can Save New Address and/or set the address as your defaultScreen_Shot_2022-03-16_at_6.20.58_PM.png
  7. Hit 'Continue' at the bottom and your new address information should be saved on the next screen!Screen_Shot_2022-03-16_at_6.22.02_PM.png
  8. You can now continue placing your order as normal.


To add a new address to your Bulletin Retailer account:

  1. Head to your Bulletin Dashboard

  2. Click the 'Account Settings' tab

  3. Click 'Addresses'

  4. Click on 'Add New Address' on top to add your address

  5. Once you've saved your new address information, you should be able to head back to your cart and select your chosen address. 


Here's a short video tutorial on how to add new address information:

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