Inventory Tracking Feature

We know that tracking inventory is an integral part of any business, especially in wholesale! While we are not currently integrated with Shopify or other 3PL systems, we have a super awesome feature that will allow you to input your inventory numbers in real-time so that Retailers won't order out-of-stock items!




There are two ways you can do this:

1) From your Products dashboard


2) From the new Inventory dashboard


From your Products dashboard:

  1. From your PRODUCTS Dashboard, click on the product for which you’d like to add inventory. Turn the TRACK INVENTORY toggle to ON (green). You’ll see a message that says “Please provide inventory quantities below.”Screen_Shot_2022-03-17_at_7.29.40_PM.png
  2. Scroll to the bottom of that Product page to the VARIANT PREVIEW section. For each variant listed, you’ll be able to add the exact number of units under INVENTORY. Our system will enforce your order increments, and you’ll see an error message if you add a quantity that doesn’t match.Screen_Shot_2022-03-17_at_7.30.49_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2022-03-17_at_7.31.10_PM.png
  3. Once you’ve added all desired quantities for variants, scroll back to the top of the Product page, and click SAVE.
  4. Repeat for as many products as you’d like!

    *Note: SKUs are not required when you’re editing from your Product pages, but they are required both in the Inventory dashboard, and in order to use the bulk update CSV import (both explained below). Because of this, we recommend always adding SKUs for your products and variants – and these SKUs must always be unique.


Using the Bulk Inventory Template:

If you have a large number of inventory updates to make, you can also choose to download the CSV template in your Inventory dashboard to make bulk changes (different from the template used to bulk upload products). This inventory template has two columns – SKU and Quantity – and these are the only two elements that you can edit with this template.


In order for this bulk upload to work, unique SKUs need to be present and saved on the variant level.

You can add SKUs on the Product Edit page or directly from the Inventory dashboard. Once SKUs are present:

1) Download our blank Inventory Management template

2) Fill it in with unique SKUs and Quantity

3) Hit File > Save as > Rename it with your Brand name in the title

4) Upload onto the platform. You'll find these newly updated SKUs in the INVENTORY tab on your Dashboard.

5) Click SAVE ALL, and you’re all set!


On your new Inventory dashboard:

  1. In the lefthand side menu of your Brand account, you’ll now see an INVENTORY tab under PRODUCTS.  Click into that tab, and you’ll find a new dashboard where you can view your entire product catalog and make bulk adjustments to inventory levels in one place!Screen_Shot_2022-03-17_at_7.32.14_PM.png
  2. For Products that have the TRACK INVENTORY toggle turned ON, you’ll be able to add the exact number of units for each variant in the INVENTORY column.Screen_Shot_2022-03-17_at_7.32.55_PM.png
  3. For Products where TRACK INVENTORY is OFF, you’ll see an in-stock / out-of-stock toggle in that column.Screen_Shot_2022-03-17_at_7.33.19_PM.png
  4. Make your inventory updates and hit SAVE either for individual products or SAVE ALL in the top right of the dashboard table. If you are using Save All, you will need to ensure that there is a unique SKU for each variant on that page.




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