Adding Testers / Samples

If you're looking for a way of providing future stockists with samples or testers of your products, please use the following instructions:

  1. Duplicate the original product that you want to add a tester to
  2. Add Tester at the end of the product title and delete Copy Of at the beginning of the product title.
  3. Once duplicated, open duplicated product
  4. Select Tester button on the right side, under Is Active and Product Visible
  5. Scroll down to pricing, change the MSRP to zero and change the Wholesale price to the price of the tester. Make MOQ 1 and Increment 1. You can also update the price for the tester to a price other than zero if you prefer to add a small charge for your tester, typically this might be half the price of the wholesale cost.
  6. Save Product
  7. Give the duplicated product a moment to fully save
  8. Open original product
  9. Scroll down to pricing
  10. Click Edit on the top right side of the pricing
  11. Click Add Tester
  12. Choose the duplicated product that you just made from the drop-down menu, it will have the same name as the original product but with Tester on the end. Make the Tester Minimum Quantity 1 (or whatever you would like it to be, this is how many products they need to order to get the tester) and choose the variant. 
  13. Save the product

Here is a video visual outlining the above steps:

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