The taxes and duties for your shipment depend on what province you are in and which products you have ordered. You can find more detail on each province and duties here


We are working on an integration that will get customs estimates readily available upon checkout (stay tuned!) In the meantime, there are several online and free customs calculators available to use.


Communication is key here, so be sure to reach out to the brands you have ordered from to see if they can ship using your preferred carrier, or for any other requests you have for them.


Bulletin and/or the chosen shipping carrier provides the brands with the commercial invoice paperwork needed to ship products into Canada. Brands that are able to send goods with USMCA exemption will supply the Certificate of Origin paperwork with the shipment of their products. Please communicate with the brand to ensure this paperwork will be included with the shipment. Similarly, if you work with a broker to import shipments, please coordinate getting that information included on the package with the brand prior to shipment to avoid unexpected fees.


If you need a customs invoice for sending items to and from Canada, please download the PDF located in a link on the top of this webpage:




Bulletin is not responsible for any additional or associated fees applied post-purchase due to importing goods from the United States. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at, we are here to help!

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