Bulletin does not accept returns on orders placed through the marketplace. We have heard from our brands that they want to be in control of their distribution and their wholesale pricing strategies, and work directly with our retailer partners to help sell through products with their end customers


We want to build meaningful wholesale relationships through our platform, and we are not optimizing for transaction or sales volume like our competitors.


We understand that de-risking your orders is of the utmost importance. As such a result, brands across all categories have dramatically dropped their MOVs (minimum order values), which you can filter for here on the top left by replacing Most Recently Added with Lowest MOV.




And as always, we are thrilled to extend our Net-60 terms to qualified retailers. 

As a reminder, you can always direct message brands using Bulletin’s Messaging Feature before purchasing to get clarification on ingredients, lead times, sales and merchandising tips, talking points, and more to help increase your sell-through. You can also ask brands to lower their MOVs for you to help de-risk your first order with a new brand. Many brands, excited by the promise of a new stockist, will adjust their MOV for one-off orders so you can order fewer SKUs to start and re-up as items sell in your store!

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