How Is Bulletin Different?

Valuable Tools

We pay brands within 15 days of order fulfillment and offer friendlier commission rates than other marketplace options (0-15% maximum). And unlike some other platforms, we offer brands like you free, proactive tools to promote yourself to our retailer community. Finally, we do not offer free returns to retailers, as we believe you should be in full control of who you sell to, and where your products are showcased. We allow brands to accept and reject any and all orders with no penalty, too, as we believe you should always be in the driver’s seat - with no consequence. We also let you connect with other brands, not just retailers, to help you find relevant brand partners and coordinate activations together!


Quality Over Quantity

At Bulletin, we optimize for quality over quantity, and hand-select all of the brands and retailers that join our community. We want to make sure you are eager and proud to sell with every single retailer that orders from your brand, and do aggressive vetting upfront to make sure our retailers are legitimate, credit-worthy, and set up for success.


Thoughtful Curation

Brands and Retailers love Bulletin because of our thoughtful curation, strong merchandising muscle,
generous financial terms, and small business resources. When retailers are looking for new, on-
trend, or compelling wholesale brands - we’re the first place they look!


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