Bulletin's Mission & Goal


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.

As a former retailer ourselves, we understand what it’s like to run a small business. With this in mind, we believe in building a wholesale marketplace that gives more than it takes. We’re not interested in building the Amazon of Wholesale - we’ve seen how those platforms can commodify and exploit their brands in order to scale like wildfire. For that reason, we don’t simply rely on algorithms to connect you and your products with great retail partners. We’ve also built tools that let you proactively promote yourself to both our brand and retailer communities, allowing you to tell your story, run exclusive and targeted promotions, and become more than just a static Brand Page or a simple linesheet.


Community. Bulletin is building a wholesale marketplace and a small business community. We send weekly newsletters with small business resources, retail insights, partner discounts and more, and we host quarterly programming to help bring our incredible brand and retailers together, face-to-face. And better yet, our Direct Messaging system allows you to connect and network with other premium brands building their empires, not just retailers who are eager to buy and distribute your work!

At Bulletin, we believe in making wholesale human again. Frankly, this isn’t that revolutionary. It’s just what you deserve.

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