Bulletin Board FAQ

  • What are the benefits of using Bulletin Board?

Bulletin Board streamlines the shopping experience by allowing you to save and categorize products according to your preferences. Whether you're planning a for your next holiday buy, your next trade show, or creating a wishlist for products that you want to have in your shop but just are not sure about yet, Bulletin Board makes it easy to keep track of items you love.

  • Can I customize my Bulletin Boards?

Yes, absolutely! You have full control over the customization of your Bulletin Boards. You can name them, organize them into categories to make them uniquely yours.

  • How does Bulletin Board make shopping easier?

By organizing products into personalized collections, Bulletin Board simplifies the process of finding and purchasing items that align with your tastes and needs. Instead of sifting through endless pages of search results, you can quickly refer to your Bulletin Boards to discover products you've saved and curated.

  • How do I download a CSV of all my product I've added to my Bulletin Board?

Once you are in your personalized board, click on the Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 1.27.01 PM-2.jpg export button located on the top right hand corner. 


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