Onboarding Form Basics: Adding Products - Import CSV File


If you would like to handle uploading your products yourself, all you need to do download our Bulletin Product Template


Once you add all products to this CSV, click Upload Bulletin CSV. (Ensure that your file is in .csv format.) Now click Review Brand Page. This is a preview of what your brand page will look like. If you are happy with how this looks, press Publish. If you would like to change something, press Back To Edit


Once you press Publish, You are brought into your Brand Dashboard, Here is where you can control the backend of your Brand page. You can add and edit products, see your orders, message retailers and so much more.


To view the products you just uploaded through the CSV, press on the Products tab and the For Review Tab. Here you can view and edit your products before adding them in the platform. If you are happy with your products, you can press Add All to add every product at once, or you can go through and add each product individually by pressing Add next each product.


Once you've added the products, you can see them in your Inventory Tab and your Products Tab. In the Inventory tab you can add any SKU's, Track Inventory, and Mark Products Out Of Stock.


The Products Tab is where your products live, you can edit, delete, and duplicate your products here. In this tab you can also Add new products, with a CSV by pressing Import From .CSV or Manually by pressing Add New. You can also export your products for your records. 


Congratulations! You have now added your own products, and they are live on Bulletin for all retailers to see and purchase. 


Also see the following video on the complete guide on Onboarding:


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