Bulletin + Emerald Future Expectations

The acquisition will elevate the experience for our buyers and beyond to discover innovative brands & makers via iconic in-person shows and our growing online marketplace. Expect to see the following as a result of the news!

  1. We’re offering a ground-level experience to share your dreams & desires for a brand new trade show format. The entire BULLETIN team is thrilled to rethink, revamp and run NY NOW®, one of the oldest and most widely respected trade shows in the industry! We’re eager to get started & transform NY NOW® from the inside out. Be on the lookout for requests for 1:1 calls to share your feedback and ideas, if you choose to share.
  2. We plan to integrate Bulletin’s marketplace with the in-person show, in due time. Get ready for a hybrid experience that makes IRL events + networking easier and more enjoyable.
  3. Nothing else is changing! We’re ready to keep supporting you and helping you grow!

You can read more about this exciting evolution in this press release, which outlines Bulletin’s vision and plans for the NY NOW® show in 2023. At a high level, we see a massive opportunity to combine the efficiencies of our leading digital platform with the pure magic of an iconic in-person event.

During the pandemic, our industry lost a lot of its humanity despite the explosion of wholesale e-commerce and became very transaction-driven and impersonal. Because of this, it’s grown harder for brands and buyers to broker real, enduring relationships. We’re excited to rethink and revamp NY NOW®’s format and programming positioning it into an in-person show that puts those relationships front-and-center, underpinned by transactions and commerce at the event and year-round. It’s exactly what our customers have been asking for.

If you have questions or insight and feedback on what you would like to see and experience at the 2023 show, please email ali@bulletin.co

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