Requesting Marketing Features on Collections and Social Media

At Bulletin, we strive to support and empower our brands through exposure and marketing. We love featuring our brands on our social media accounts, email blasts, and through our curated collections updated monthly!


A good way to get featured is to make sure we know that you want to be featured. As we plan our content calendar + marketing features in advance, having your feature request in advance gives us enough time to bake your product in and drive the most amount of traffic to your page possible.


If you're looking to make your impact at Bulletin even greater, here are two forms that you as a brand can fill out to be featured on our various outlets to get you introduced to our lovely retailer community!


General Feature Request Form

- to be included on email blasts, Live Instagram events, social media posts, etc.


*Got a new product? Let us know here a few weeks before you’re going to drop it on the platform.


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