Sorting, Reorganizing, and Rearranging your Product Catalog

Here at Bulletin, we know how important it is to have control over your inventory and to display your products in a marketable way that is appealing to the types of Retailers you're looking to have long-lasting business relationships with.
While there is no tool for rearranging your Brand's products on your Bulletin Brand catalog* at the moment, we’ve developed a way to make the first page of your catalog as enticing as possible!
Every page holds 12 products, so we’ll call this your Top 12 Bestsellers.
  1. Determine which 12 products are your bestsellers (you’ll want these on your first page)
  2. Using the search bar in the upper right hand of your 'Products' tab, find the product that is #12 on your list.
  3. Duplicate this product, make sure to delete the “Copy of” in front of the title
  4. Delete the original product
  5. Continue to do this for #11, #10, #9, and so on.
  6. You’ve now created your Top 12 Bestsellers on your first page!
If you are an older brand that has been on Bulletin for a while, you may run into the “Active Order” Issue while doing this. Please follow these steps:
  1. Click on the product you wish to delete
  2. Edit title of Item to “VOID product name”
  3. On the right-hand side, you will see Is Active 
  4. You want to click these so they are no longer blue
  5. Click Save at the top right

*Note: All Bulletin Brand pages initially present the most recently added items on the first catalog page. This process will need to be repeated if you add more items down the line.


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