Failed Invoice Payments

In order to streamline the work of our Verification team, all retailer accounts will now be Suspended immediately upon one failed payment. Bulletin reserves the right to put the retailer’s account on hold in order to prevent future default payments. This means that your Bulletin access will be restricted until all failed payments are fully settled and paid off
But don’t fret: as soon as payment is successfully processed, our Verification team will re-review your account and your account may become active again in as soon as 24 hours!
What does Bulletin do when my payment fails?
Once a payment fails, on the following Friday, our payments system will automatically attempt to charge every card on file in your account. We will do the same thing every Friday, for 5 Fridays in a row to capture a successful payment on your invoice.


1. You will receive an email every time we attempt to recoup payment. All communication will come from with the sender name as "Bulletin Payments", so be sure to look out for that email address in your inbox (and mark our email as “Not Spam” if necessary).


2. We want to note that these repeated attempts to charge the cards you have on file are an effort to meet you halfway, given that we often receive messages to Customer Support saying, “I updated my card, why aren’t my failed payments updating?” A reminder that updating your credit card info for a pending invoice does result in the same update being made on all pending, unpaid invoices where this card was used… but NOT for FAILED invoices. We now retry all of your cards for 5 consecutive Fridays, so that you don’t have to click into every invoice that has a failed payment and make a manual update.


If you need help updating your card information or how to pay off your invoices, follow our two FAQ pages here:

Invoice Payment - Bulletin Wholesale Marketplace

Updating Payment Methods - Bulletin Wholesale Marketplace

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