Referrals for Existing Bulletin Retailers

We understand that you might have had previous partnerships or sales with Retailers outside of Bulletin. We believe that it's your right to own your entire order payout between you and Retailers you've worked with in the past.


Our Retailer Referral Tool only works for Retailers who have not yet signed up on the platform. If you have a Retailer that is already signed up on Bulletin but


1) Has purchased from you within the past 5 years

2) Has been guided to Bulletin by your team for wholesale purchasing


Please send us either a past invoice between you and the retailer or evidence of communications between you and the Retailer indicating that you are referring them to purchase from your brand on Bulletin. Once we've reviewed the information, our team can establish the 0% commission relationship for you and all your future orders with your Retailer!


Submit your Referral information on our contact form here.

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