Minimum Order Value vs. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Our platform currently prioritizes a brand's MOV (Minimum Total Order Value) and only honors MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) on the Product/SKU level.


Minimum Order Value is the smallest total order cost a Retailer must add to their cart from your shop to place an order.

Ex. If you have a MOV of $500, the Retailer must add at least $500 worth of your products to their carts before they can place their order.

You also have the option to input a Minimum Re-Order Value as well. This gives you the opportunity to offer a smaller total order value for any of your Returning/Re-ordering Retailers!


Minimum Order Quantity is the smallest quantity/number of a single product the Retailer must select in order to add the product to their cart.

Ex. If the product "T-Shirt" has a MOV of 5, the Retailer can only add 5 or more "T-Shirt" to their cart, nothing less.


If your MOQ varies by SKU this information must be listed in your line sheet, product listings, CSV template in the onboarding form, etc.

*Please note that MOQ is separate from Case Packs.

Ex. If you have an MOQ of 6, a retailer can purchase items in increments of 1 thereafter (7,8,9).


How to Change your MOQ:
  1. Go into your dashboard
  2. Click Products
  3. Click on the title of the product that you need to correct the MOQ
  4. Scroll down past your images
  5. There you will see Minimum Quality (MOQ) and Wholesale Increments
  6. Change your MOQ and if you are selling in case packs, make sure your MOQ and your increments are the same.
  7. Press "Save" on the top right

This can be found in every product page for your Brand catalog:



How to change your MOV/MR-OV:
  1. Go into your dashboard
  2. Click on my Brand Page
  3. Scroll down past your brand image
  4. There you will see “Minimum Order Value”
  5. Change your MOV
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and press “Save Changes”



Here's a super helpful walk-through on changing both your MOQs and MOVs for your Brand page:

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