Failed Payments Policy

When a retailer payment fails on an overdue invoice with net-60 terms, Bulletin reserves the right to put the retailer’s account on hold in order to prevent future default payments. Bulletin will automatically notify retailers regarding any failed charges via email. When all of the retailer’s overdue invoices are paid in full, the retailer account will be automatically  released from suspension and the retailer can continue to place orders with Bulletin’s brand network. 


Please note: when a retailer account is flagged due to failed payment(s), Bulletin reserves the right to maintain a retailer’s suspension if additional account review is required by the Verification Team. 


If your account is currently suspended due to failed payment(s), please login and pay the overdue charge via your Dashboard. After login, you can use the following instructions listed here to pay off your invoice, or, visit here to change the credit card you have on-file to successfully pay off your invoice ASAP. If we do not receive payment from you, we will retry the card on file. 

If you would like to discuss a payment plan with our team, please contact our Accounting Team at

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