Messaging Retailers

An order on Bulletin opens up the line of communication between a retailer and a brand. As soon as a retailer places an order with you, you can 
now message them to check-in, ask for feedback, send an exclusive promo code for their next order, schedule a meetup, and more! The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas for ways to communicate with your retailers on Bulletin:

    1. Thank them for their purchase and follow up about their experience. After a retailer has received their order, send a message to ask about their experience! Inquire about how they like the product(s), the personalized packaging (for example), and more. This is a great opportunity to request honest feedback from a fellow small business owner in our tight-knit community. 
    2. Run a promotion or a win-back campaign. Message all retailers who haven’t placed an order from you in 6+ months, for example, and remind them to restock! You can provide them with a promo code to “win them back.” The unique discount codes that you create in your account will only be exposed when you send them or post them on the Discovery Feed. Receiving an exclusive code from you that’s found nowhere else really makes your retailers feel special and appreciated!

Messaging Other Brands

Use Bulletin to connect with other like-minded brands, broker collaborations, and do business together! If you need advice, want to co-create a product, or just want to grab a coffee with a fellow business owner in your city, we encourage you to use our brand-to-brand messaging tool to connect today.

How-to: Visit the brand page that you want to message. Hit the message button underneath their profile picture.

Example: Perhaps you’ve learned that candles are our most-searched term on Bulletin (they really are), but you don’t make candles. Search for a brand on Bulletin that makes their own, and send a message asking if they’d make private label candles for you! If they say yes, you’ll be able to pop on your logo and sell them on your shelves. 


Here's a short tutorial on using the Bulletin Messaging Feature:


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