Bulletin does not accept returns on orders placed through the marketplace. We have heard from our brands that they want to be in control of their distribution and their wholesale pricing strategies, and work directly with our retailer partners to help sell through products with their end customers. 


We understand that de-risking Retailers' orders is of the utmost importance. That's why we highly encourage brands on the platform to be open and transparent with Retailers on their product listings and answer any questions or concerns before the order is placed, fulfilled, and shipped out.


*If there are damages upon arrival to the Retailer or items missing from their order, please submit a request through our Contact Form and our support team will follow up. Send over any context or photos related to the situation as well as the Retailer name and Order numbers to expedite your request and we'll follow up with the next steps. If you have questions on our return policy, please refer to our Commercial Terms and Conditions which are agreed upon by each and every Brand/Retailer on the platform upon sign up.

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