Wise (International Payment)

Congrats on your acceptance as an International Brand with Bulletin. Here are your next steps in order to ensure that you get paid for your Bulletin sales!


Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) is a third-party money wiring platform that allows non-US bank accounts to receive USD deposits in real-time.


Benefits of Wise:

  • Wise provides you with US Routing and Account numbers which can be used for all US banks
  • Direct Deposit enabled (you receive your payments faster!)
  • Much more competitive/less expensive than wiring 
  • Money can be converted/transferred back to your country’s currency
  • Quick and easy setup!


How to Sign Up:

1. Go to wise.com

2. Click Register in the top left corner

3. Enter your preferred email address (or log in using Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts)

4. Choose between a Wise business account or personal account (personal accounts can be used everywhere, Business accounts have some limitations), and select your country

5. Enter a valid phone number, and be ready to receive a code from Wise via SMS

6. Enter the six-digit code you received through SMS

7. You have successfully created your account! Follow the subsequent tutorial or exit out of the final screen by clicking the X in the upper right corner.


Final Steps for Verification:

1. Click Account on the left-hand side of the screen, then Account Details (found under Account Services). Again, choose whether you’d like this to be a business or a personal account. 

2. Follow the instructions to enter your personal information (first & last name, address, phone number, country, etc.).

3. Wise will then ask you to provide your bank information as well as identification information, such as proof of your Passport, Driver’s License, or National ID Card. 




4. After uploading your verifiable ID, Wise will request that you deposit $20 into your account in order to confirm your banking details  (you can use this balance later on). Please choose from the listed options to deposit this initial balance into your account and get started.


5. Within one hour of your deposit, Wise will send an email notification about your verification. Once you receive this notice, the process is complete! You’re now able to receive your Wise banking account details by clicking back to Account > Account Details > Currency of Choice.



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