Bulletin requires that retailers provide us with a resale certificate. Depending on your state, this may be referred to as a seller’s permit, a sales and use tax exemption certificate, or a sales tax permit or license.

We have provided a link to your state’s required documentation below. Please feel free to click the appropriate corresponding link to download your state’s certificate.

If you would like more information regarding why we request resale certificates, please visit the link provided HERE

Canadian retailers must provide their federal business number.

Alabama Sales Tax License
Alaska Sales Tax Exemption
Arizona Resale Certificate
Arkansas Certificate of Exemption
California Resale Certificate
Colorado Sales Tax License
Connecticut Resale Certificate
Delaware Business License
Florida Resale Certificate
Georgia Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
Hawaii Resale Certificate
Idaho Exemption Certificate
Illinois Certificate of Resale
Indiana General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
Kansas Resale Exemption Certificate
Kentucky Resale Certificate
Louisiana Sales Tax/Resale Certificate
Maine Resale Certificate
Maryland Blanket Resale Certificate
Massachusetts Sales Tax Resale Certificate
Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption
Minnesota Certifcate of Exemption
Mississippi Sales Tax Permit
Missouri Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate
Montana Resale Certificate
Nebraska Resale Certificate
Nevada Resale Certificate
New Hampshire Business License
New Jersey Resale Certificate
New Mexico
New York Resale Certificate
North Carolina Certificate of Exemption
North Dakota Certificate of Resale
Ohio Blanket Exemption Certificate
Oklahoma Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate
Oregon Resale Certificate
Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate
Rhode Island Resale Certificate
South Carolina Resale Certificate
South Dakota Certificate of Exemption
Tennessee Certificate of Resale
Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate
Utah Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
Vermont Resale Certificate
Virginia Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption
Washington Reseller Permit
West Virginia Certificate of Exemption
Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate
Wyoming Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
Federal Business Number
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