CONGRATS! If you're waiting on a payout that means you've successfully shipped out your first order, hooray!


We use Routable as our payments processor. We keep payment information off of the platform to uphold the privacy and security of your brand's information.


If you have signed up with Bulletin and are in need of changing or adding new ACH/Direct Deposit information, please contact us and we can assist you. If you have yet to sign up on Routable, please provide us with a contact first & last name as well as a preferred email and we'll send you an invite to join Routable.


Check out this FAQ page on vendor invites to make sure you're filling everything out correctly:


What does a vendor invite look like?


Canadian/International brands can use Routable with their Wise account or with US Banking information. If you'd like to learn more about Wise, click here.


Here's a video tutorial on what it looks like to receive and fill out the Brand invitation from Routable

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