Creating Promo Codes

We are thrilled to give our brands the chance to engage retailers in their network and incentivize orders using a platform-generated brand promo code. Please follow these steps to create and share a promo code. 

Step 1: Log in and go to your brand dashboard. In the menu bar to the left-hand side, click into the Promo Codes menu. This is where you will find all promo codes, active and inactive, going forward. On the top left-hand side, click the Create Promo Code button. Screen_Shot_2021-02-23_at_3.02.32_PM.png

Step 2: This is the step where you will create the promo code for your stockists! Add the $ amount you would like to offer, the minimum cart value that is needed to apply the code, the dates that the code is available. When reviewing the restrictions, please keep in mind that the First Order Only restriction is for retailers who have not ordered from the Bulletin platform before. This restriction does not apply for retailers who have used Bulletin but have not shopped with your individual brand. In general, the Bulletin team recommends activating the One Time Use restriction, which limits the code to one use per account. Screen_Shot_2021-02-23_at_3.20.32_PM.png


Step 3: Share your promo code! You can share the promo codes via Bulletin Direct Message, Instagram messaging, email, or Discovery Feed. Get the word out far and wide that you are offering this promo to your retailer leads!


General Guidelines:

  • Make your promo code unique - avoid codes like "Bulletin10" or "10off". This will ensure that your retailer community applies to correct code to your unique brand :)
  • All promo codes are for $ off or Free Shipping 
  • You can offer multiple discounts at any given time -  Just remember that each discount will need to be a unique promo code. A retailer can only add a single code to an order with your brand. 
  • Bulletin's commission is taken after the discount code is applied - For example, if the product value is $100 on a reorder that had a $10 promotion added to it, Bulletin would take our 10% commission on $90 of the product value. 

In case you need more help, here is a short video on how to create promo codes


*Note: You cannot edit Promo codes once they've been made. You can set an Expiration date for the promo code to become inactive and then create a new promo code.

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