Accepting and Fulfilling Orders with Shopify


  1. Accept the order on Bulletin; orders are only sent to Shopify after they are accepted in Bulletin. 
  2. Look for the "Integrated with Shopify" banner. To access the order directly in Shopify, click "Manage Order." 
  3. The order will open in Shopify in a new tab. Proceed to fulfill the order as usual within Shopify. 
  4. Once the order is fulfilled in Shopify, return to the order on Bulletin or refresh the tab if it's still open. You'll notice a message confirming that the order has been completed in Shopify. 
  5. In Bulletin, enter your Shipping Cost and click "Mark as Shipped." 

Note: It's important to return to Bulletin after marking the order as fulfilled on Shopify to ensure the order is properly completed and to receive your shipping reimbursement. 

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