How to integrate Bulletin and Shopify


Connecting Shopify to Bulletin

  • Ensure you are logged into the Shopify store you want to integrate with Bulletin. 
  • Install the Bulletin Wholesale Marketplace App from the Shopify app store, and you will be redirected to your Shopify dashboard. 
  • Grant access to Bulletin and click Install. 
  • When you see “Get Started with the Bulletin Channel”, click Connect. 
  • Enter your Bulletin credentials in the pop-up screen, then click Continue.
  • Accept the terms of service and privacy policy, and click Finish Setup. 
  • The app will now import your products from Shopify to Bulletin, which may take several minutes depending on the quantity of products available.

Your Bulletin Wholesale Marketplace app is now accessible from your Shopify dashboard. Pin the app by clicking the thumbtack icon to the right of the app and dragging it to your preferred position in the Shopify sidebar.


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How to Import Products from Shopify to Bulletin

When you connect Shopify to Bulletin, the integration will automatically import all available products from Shopify. If you previously had products on Bulletin, these will be archived to avoid duplicate listings on the marketplace. Any previously received orders will not be affected and you’ll still see your whole history.


Option 1: Choosing which Shopify products are available to Bulletin in Bulk

  • Log in to your Shopify Dashboard.
  • Click on Products in the left-hand menu.
  • Once you're in the Shopify product table view, select the products you want to send to Bulletin.
  • Click on the three dots (...) next to the "set as draft" button.
  • In the dropdown, select "Include in sales channels".
  • Check "Bulletin Wholesale Marketplace".
  • Click "Include products" to confirm your selection.  

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Option 2: Individually select which products to send to Bulletin in Shopify

  • Click on a product under your Products tab in Shopify
  • Set the Status to Active 
  • Choose your sales channels to list the product in the Publishing section by clicking (...) and Manage sales channels
  • Select the box next to Bulletin Wholesale Marketplace
  • Click Done
  • Click Save
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