Shopify Integration

Bulletin has a Shopify App that allows you to automatically sync critical information between Bulletin and Shopify. This streamlines operations making it easy to maintain your Bulletin storefront.  
Please note: Currently, the integration only works for stores with consumer pricing. If you want to connect a store meant for wholesale, do not install at this time. We are working on that functionality and its release is right around the corner.  
To install, find the Bulletin Wholesale App in the Shopify App Store: Bulletin Wholesale App. 
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Integration Overview:
Bulletin is a wholesale marketplace that connects independent retailers with the best brands and makers. Utilizing the Bulletin Wholesale Marketplace Shopify app, you can seamlessly import your products to Bulletin and synchronize your inventory and orders across both platforms. There are no fees or subscriptions required for installation!
  • Product Import: Bulk import alll existing products from Shopify to Bulletin and have all future updates automatically sync.
  • Inventory Syncing: Real-time inventory sync from Shopify to Bulletin, no more manual updates or receiving orders for products that are out of stock.
  • Order Syncing: Orders from Bulletin are seamlessly pushed to Shopify for centralized and simplified fulfillment.
For complete instructions on how to integrate Bulletin and Shopify, see: How to integrate Bulletin and Shopify
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