How are NY NOW and Bulletin related?

Emerald Expositions, the parent company of NY NOW, acquired Bulletin Wholesale in 2022. Since then, our team has played a key role in planning, marketing and staging this lauded market – primarily through integrating our technology with our Market Directory on NY NOW Online, as well as through establishing our Incubator Program.

NY NOW Online is a wholesale platform, powered by Bulletin, that’s fully integrated with the event. It's the first digital membership we’ve offered to our exhibitors that provides them with a virtual storefront with e-commerce functionality, as well as tools to increase connections with our buyers year-round. Our Market Directory is a key component of NY NOW Online, updated daily to give buyers the chance to browse a preview of confirmed exhibitors, plus shop those who have uploaded products, 24/7. An added bonus is that the Directory is built into Bulletin’s marketplace: buyers can easily navigate through to our curated collections, filtered category views, and more to discover thousands of additional brands selling online.

Our Incubator Program gives emerging designers and makers access to in-person wholesale events. We help launch and grow businesses by providing a more hands-on market experience with plenty of guidance and exposure, as well as accessible booth package rates. Our goal is to prepare and educate brands so they are ready to exhibit on their own in the future. What began as a single “Bulletin Pavilion” on the show floor in the Winter of 2023 has expanded into three unique Incubators, each covering a core category: Home, Gift & Lifestyle, and Jewelry & Accessories.

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