An expired order happens when you do not Accept or Decline your order in 7 days

At Bulletin, we want to remind you that we always allow you the option to accept or decline all orders (we're all about building your empire on your terms) – but we have a strict policy against expired orders.

While we want to support all the Brands on our platform, if a Brand allows orders to expire on a regular basis, we risk our credibility with our retailer customers. Retailers need to be able to reliably order and receive inventory from the Brands in our community. Upon a Brand's third expired order, we will unfortunately need to cease promoting that Brand via our marketing and merchandising efforts until we get clarity on the matter and resolve this together.

If you are having trouble fulfilling your order due to inventory, we would love to help update your Brand Page to reflect your most up-to-date inventory. Our Merchandising Team can help you add new products or make changes to existing inventory at any time. If it is for other reasons please let us know.

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