Splitting your packing slips/orders is a great way to ensure that you're paid for your entire order even if it's not being shipped at the same time or in the same box. It's also a great way to let your Retailers know which items will arrive in their shipments and if there are multiple packages to expect! Follow our step-by-step guide below to split your packing slips and manage your orders effectively.


Start with clicking “Split packing slip”, which is under the order details in your Bulletin Dashboard. This will open an “Edit Packing Slips” pop-up where you’ll be able to select and move items. From there, you can do the following:

Split a single variant into multiple packing slips

  1. Click “Split” under the # box for the variant you wish to split into separate packages
  2. You can adjust the quantities of each packing slip here, or press Save to do it on the original Suborder page.

Move an entire variant to a new packing slip

  1. At the bottom of the “Edit Packing Slips” pop-up, click “+Add Packing Slip”
  2. Select the variant you wish to move using the check box
  3. Scroll up to “Move Items” to click the packing slip you wish to move the variant to
  4. You can adjust the quantities of each packing slip here, or press save to do it on the original Suborder page.

*Keep in mind that you won't be able to fulfill more quantities than the amount ordered by the Retailer. If a Retailer is asking to add more products, they can either place a separate order or you can cancel the order and have them place a new order.


Continue this same process for splitting the package into however many packages you need to create!


Sending the Package

  1. Click "Create Packing Slip" under each individual slip
  2. Input the Shipping Carrier, Tracking Number, and Shipping Cost
  3. Click "Mark as Shipped".

The suborder is now marked as partially fulfilled! Changes to this portion of the order can no longer be made and the packing slip is closed.

*You can still make edits to other packing slips as long as you haven’t clicked "Mark as Shipped". You also still have the option to move items to different packing slips and delete unnecessary packing slips while editing.


Find and Complete Your Partially Fulfilled Orders

On your dashboard, you can now see "Partially Fulfilled" order statuses by clicking on the "Filter by Status" dropdown to easily find orders that have been marked "Partially Fulfilled". This will display all orders that have yet to be completed/shipped!


If You’re Unable to Fulfill a Sub Order

If you are unable to fulfill a split part of the order, you can adjust the specific packing slip's fulfillment to 0 using the arrows before inputting a decline reason.

You will receive payment only when the entire order is fulfilled; if the order remains "Approved" or "Partially Fulfilled", it will not be considered complete and your payout will not be scheduled for deposit. 


To get a more detailed guide on each of these processes, you can refer to our video tutorial, which also covers how you can delete a packing slip!




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